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Reflecting on the Writing Year

As we finish up the year, it’s time to reflect on our writing practices and accomplishments. There will always be shiny new projects and plans in our future, but a sustainable writing practice requires reflection and appreciation for our own hard work.

Here are some of my favorite ways to reflect and record my writing at the end of the year:

#1 Celebrations

Because we have so many ambitions and goals, we’re constantly watching the space ahead of us and aiming towards our future self. It takes a dedicated practice to look back and feel gratitude and pride towards ourselves for accomplishing what we have. So look back on the year and ask yourself;

And, my favorite end-of-year exercise — make a list of all of your accomplishments, big and small. Try to fill a page. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the lines fill up!

#2 Flow Moments

How do you actually embody the advice to ‘work smarter, not harder?’ Think back on writing sessions, prompts, classes, or finished work from this year.

Thinking back on when things were really working, remember that it isn’t random. Make plans to recreate the environments, timing, or aspects of the project that make you excited!

#3 Gentle Goals

Dreaming big is one of the most important abilities of a writer. But, we’re also human. One of the best ways to meet our goals is to understand the full complexity of our lives.

So, when you look back on your goals from this past year, analyze them;

I hope you keep writing and generate some new strategic and fulfilling goals for next year!

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