Revision Series #4: Leave Yourself Somewhere New

There’s a saying in the restaurant industry: “Who closed this place last night?” Which basically means, why was everything left a mess, why were tasks left unfinished, why are things put back in weird places? The thing is, with revision…you’re the only employee (before you share your work with others). So you get to closeContinue reading “Revision Series #4: Leave Yourself Somewhere New”

Revision Series #3: Realization vs. Progress

Advice from the Renwick Gallery in DC I am so excited to share this advice with you because I truly think it is one of the most important lessons in revision that I had to learn, and turbocharged my writing afterwards. Okay. Ready? Value realizations the same way you value progress. Let’s define those terms.Continue reading “Revision Series #3: Realization vs. Progress”

Revision Series #2: Why Call it Work?

Alternative title: Tidying, Tending, Mending Why call it work? I know this is a revision series, but it seems to me that what we’re really talking about when we talk about revision is doing the work. We have all of this discourse around the messy first draft and allowing ourselves the freedom to be imperfect, butContinue reading “Revision Series #2: Why Call it Work?”

Revision Series #1: 20-minute Recon

I always heard that revision was the hardest part of writing. And then, I felt it in my bones. But there were those glimmers, and moments where my vision was realized. I started chasing these good-feeling moments, and then I realized — what if this was just revision? What if craft was a tool to supportContinue reading “Revision Series #1: 20-minute Recon”

Reflecting on the Writing Year

As we finish up the year, it’s time to reflect on our writing practices and accomplishments. There will always be shiny new projects and plans in our future, but a sustainable writing practice requires reflection and appreciation for our own hard work. Here are some of my favorite ways to reflect and record my writingContinue reading “Reflecting on the Writing Year”