F3LL Magazine – flash fiction – Belly

Phantom Kangaroo – poem – Six

Apparition Lit Monthly Flash Fiction Contest – flash fiction – Mold

Somatic Poetry Ritual with CA Conrad – (COM)BAT STIGMA: A Pandemic (Soma)tic Ritual

Moonchild Magazine – captured talk poem: Love is Great, But You Know What’s Better? Seasoning.

President’s Day issue of Weatherbeaten Lit – poem: (Galatea)

Every Day Fiction – flash fiction: When I Wear Alligator Blood

Phases issue of Lune Noire – poem: 3:14am

Rag Queen Periodical – poem: From: The Earth

Quiddity – short story: Draugh & Mumble

Because Arcadia – Staff Writer


Boston Screenplay Awards Quarterfinalist – Mango Hostel

Filmmatic Comedy Screenplay Awards Quarterfinalist – Mango Hostel

2017: Summer Literary Seminars Poetry Fellowship – 3 poems

2016: Dell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Honorable Mention – short story: Storm & Splinter