I teach creative writing classes at Grubstreet and Clarion West, as well as zoom and asynchronous classes that you can sign up for here on my website. Below are some links and short descriptions of my main course offerings.

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Finishing School

This Fall, we’re taking four intensive months to create revision plans, learn about our writing processes, engage with mentor texts, learn to give and utilize feedback, and most importantly — complete a project by the end of the year!

Finishing School is about finishing drafts as well as revising them, so you don’t need to know the ending yet if you haven’t written it! Endings will be a major topic for our class.

Radical Collapse

This intensive 12-week course has the goal of generating 100 pages. Each writer writes 10 pages every week and participates in workshops with each other. There are two one-on-one meetings during the course and a final reading to celebrate everyone’s massive accomplishment!

Alchemy, Symbolism, and the Mythic Journey

This 6-module class contains self-study materials in the form of video lectures, notes, readings, guided questions, worksheets, writing assignments, and a culminating week to apply these symbols and structures to your own creative work. We’ll be deep-diving into complex symbolic topics such as the stages of alchemical storytelling, assigning symbolic roles to characters, and how to use mythic story structure. This is an asynchronous class with no live meetings so you can complete the content on your own time.

(coming soon!) Untangling Perfectionism from Writing

Past Classes