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Alchemy, Symbolism, and the Mythic Journey

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Asynchronous on Google Classroom

This 6-module class contains self-study materials in the form of video lectures, notes, readings, guided questions, worksheets, writing assignments, and a culminating week to apply these symbols and structures to your own creative work. We’ll be deep-diving into complex symbolic topics such as the stages of alchemical storytelling, assigning symbolic roles to characters, and how to use mythic story structure. This is an asynchronous class with no live meetings so you can complete the content on your own time.

ASMJ is currently closed to enrollment but will reopen in 2023.


Module 1: Symbolic Literature

Module 2: Soul Triptychs

Module 3: Literary Alchemy

Module 4: Hero’s Journey

Module 5: Heroine’s Journey

Module 6: Practical Application of Symbolism

Tuition is $375 for 6 modules of lectures, readings, assignments, and writing worksheets. You will have access to the material forever after the class ends, as well as access to all future course updates!

This class is fully asynchronous. Take your time reviewing and completing the content at your pace.

You get immediate access to all course material upon registration.

ASMJ is closed right now, but will reopen in 2023.

Feedback from past ASMJ students:

This class helped me to add a new dimension to my writing.  I grew my toolbox as a storyteller by understanding some of the universal elements seen in so much classic and contemporary work.  I feel more focused and intentional layering in symbolism, character traits, and even emotional journeys now that I’ve studied this content.  Even after taking the course, I’m still referring to the handouts and thinking through the concepts in new contexts and I read and write.

– Lauren Mallik

Thank you for your help with this, and for the whole course of just-exactly-what-I-needed-to-know-about-stories. I am thrilled to be so equipped to take on stories through this project and others.

– J

P.S. Have you taken one of the Mythic Story Structures series with me through Grubstreet? (Literary Alchemy, Soul Triptychs, or Hero/Heroine’s Journey)? Send me a quick email so I can give you a discount link for this class!

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