Past Classes

Alchemy, Symbolism, and the Mythic Journey

March 7 – April 15, 2022 Asynchronous on Google Classroom

This 6-week class contains self-study materials in the form of video lectures, notes, readings, guided questions, worksheets, writing assignments, and a culminating workshop week to share your writing. We’ll be deep-diving into complex symbolic topics such as the stages of alchemical storytelling, assigning symbolic roles to characters, and how to use mythic story structure.

This is an asynchronous class with no live meetings so you can complete the content on your own time. Each week has assignments in the form of writing worksheets and reading responses, and the class ends with a workshop where you will submit your own symbolic writing!

Check out the Syllabus below:

Week 1: Symbolic Literature

  • Use symbols to activate cathartic storytelling
  • the difference between real life and story space
  • how to consciously use symbolism to tell multi-layered stories

Week 2: Soul Triptychs

  • How characters represent heart, mind, body, spirit
  • the Freudian triptych of Id, Ego, Superego
  • Using triptychs to inspire character interactions in scenes

Week 3: Literary Alchemy

  • The three stages of literary alchemy; Nigredo, Albedo, Rubedo
  • Alchemical characters such as sulfur, mercury, and salt
  • How alchemy can activate stronger character arcs and changes

Week 4: Hero’s Journey

  • Historical importance of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey
  • How to use the Monomyth as guidance instead of feeling stifled by structure
  • The most important stages of the Journey and how they mark character growth

Week 5: Heroine’s Journey

  • Maureen Murdock’s response to Campbell and mythological connections to the modern
  • Differences between the journeys; rescue vs. destruction
  • Using mythic structures to explore our modern lives and creative nonfiction

Week 6: Workshop

  • Using structures and symbolic worksheets to expand our stories
  • Submit original work
  • Give and receive feedback on your stories using symbolic frameworks

Tuition is $275 for 6 weeks of lectures, readings, assignments, and writing workshop. You will have access to the material through Google Drive after the class ends.

Writing the New Year

Let’s kick off 2022 with joy, organization, and a clear direction for our writing projects!

Writing the New Year is a group class that takes place during the first three weeks of January and involves synchronous meetings, audio lectures, and written assignments. You can see topics in the schedule below. Our goal is to reflect and re-order our past and upcoming year of writing in order to celebrate our projects and design our writing practice so that we have the fuel to engage with our work in a productive way all year long.

With Monday Discussions, Wednesday Write-ins, Writing Caffeine mini-lectures, and one-on-one meetings, you’ll have structure and accountability to meet your goals and kick off the new year with inspiration and new drafts!

Monday Discussions and Wednesday Write-ins are synchronous zoom meetings from 6-7pm EDT.

Writing Caffeine lectures are delivered during the first three days of the week for you to listen to in the morning or before your writing session.

Each writer has two one-on-one meetings with me during the class, which you will sign up for the last week of December, after registering. We will discuss your individual projects and goals.


Week 1: Jan 3 – 7

Monday Discussion: Writing Reflection

Wednesday Write-in: Project Audit

Friday Assignment: Collected Works

Writing Caffeine:

  • Time milestones as re-energizing
  • Embracing structure and accountability as part of the process
  • Emotions and past works

Week 2: Jan 10-14

Monday Discussion: Writing Fuel

Wednesday Write-in: Juicy Scenes

Friday Assignment: Perfect Day 

Writing Caffeine:

  • Joy from readers
  • Joy from work
  • Joy from self

Week 3: Jan 17 – 21

Monday Discussion: The Writing Life

Wednesday Write-in: Grunt Work

Friday Assignment: Data Decoration

Writing Caffeine:

  • What if you’re erratic?
  • Clarify the end goal, cut out unnecessary assignments
  • Sit with accomplishment, embrace extra credit

For the $333 tuition, writers receive:

-9 Writing Caffeine audio recordings

-3 group meetings

-3 guided write-ins

-2 half-hour one-on-one meetings

Register for Writing the New Year: 2022 here!

Make sure that the email you enter for payment is the best contact email for you, as that’s the one I’ll use for class communications.

If you are a BIPOC writer who would like to be considered for a scholarship for this upcoming course, please reach out at and let me know.

Looking forward to writing with you soon!


Class Policies:

  • Writing Caffeine lectures will be .mp3 files sent by email at the beginning of each week, and stored in our shared folder available for students to keep
  • Monday Discussions will be recorded and uploaded to our shared Google Drive folder
  • Wednesday Write-ins will not be recorded, but instructions and guiding prompts will be emailed to absent students
  • One-on-one meetings can be rescheduled with advance notice
  • Partial or full refunds are available by request and processed on a case-by-case basis

Re-centering Writing

4 Thursdays, 9am-10am EDT

Online on zoom

I’m excited to work with you on your writing projects for the fall and discuss goals, blocks, and organization strategies for writing! This small group will focus on guiding writers through their specific projects and goals. The group is capped at 6 participants. These sessions will be run as a writing consulting meeting, with a focus on your individual projects and goals and weekly advice!

In these meetings, we will check in with each writer and  focus on:

  • group goal-setting and weekly accountability
  • writing & surviving capitalism
  • the business of writing and balancing writing with life
  • project organization & planning
  • the writer’s mental health
  • sustainable writing practices and habits
  • writing for the self vs. writing for audiences
  • submitting to literary magazines
  • maintaining stamina and inspiration for long projects
  • developing your unique voice
  • personalized writing assignments and reading recommendations

These meetings will re-center your writing practice in your life and make sure that you’re on track to complete your current projects while still giving yourself grace and empathy. The goal is to understand better how you work and what systems, habits, or strategies will best serve you. I’ll offer individual advice and exercises to everyone, and engaging with your fellow writers and hearing about everyone’s different processes will also inspire new possibilities in writing for you!

For all four sessions in September, the price is $111. There is one scholarship available for a writer of color, email me ( if you’d like that spot!

If you’re an alumni of one of my classes, or a past consulting client, please sign up directly! If we haven’t worked together before, I would love it if you could email me a short 5-page writing sample and tell me a bit about your writing goals.

Sign up for September Sessions here

After payment, you will receive the zoom link for our meetings. I will also send out a welcome email one week before the session starts which will include the zoom link again, and our group google drive where we’ll do our collective goal setting each week.

Meeting dates:

9/2, 9/9, 9/16, 9/23

Some quick policy notes:

  • refunds and pro-rated refunds will be available in the case of cancellation
  • Meetings will not be recorded to protect the safe and vulnerable sharing of our artistic process. If you miss a live meeting, I’d like to make it up with you via email, where you can send me your goals and challenges for the week and I can respond with suggestions and goals for the following week.

Sci-fi and Fantasy Workshop: Online

Six Weeks, Six Stories — Remote!

FREE Brown Bag Lunch

Writing Strong Female Characters

Sci-fi and Fantasy: A Generative Course

For Young Adult Writers:

Piecing It Together: Storytelling through Letters

Week of Sci-fi and Fantasy: Focus on Made-up Languages

Week of Sci-fi and Fantasy: Focus on Multi-dimensional Female Characters