You have a story to tell, but it’s stuck. Maybe you can’t get through a first draft or revisions are kicking your butt. Or, you have a bunch of awesome stuff written and now you want to know what to do with it. I can help you reach your writing goals and smooth out story kinks.

Here are just some of the areas I can help with:

  • Finding motivation/that spark to help you finish a story
  • Getting started with writing when you only have an idea so far
  • Revising your story and finding plotholes
  • Understanding your characters so well that they write the story for you
  • Developing a writing habit with weekly or monthly check-ins
  • Submitting to literary magazines and contests
  • Preparing a writing sample + writer’s statement for MFA applications or other fellowships
  • Understanding symbolism and structure in order to craft compelling narratives

I’m happy to help with short fiction, poetry, novels, and screenplays! I want to work with you as a writer, not just on one piece, so feel free to discuss any and all writing projects you’re working on during our consultation.

If you want to know more about how I can help you, contact me and let me know some of your current writing concerns – I’d be happy to give you more information on how we can work together to help you achieve your goals!

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How does it work?

1) Set up a consultation

You can go here to set up a consultation with me. (Don’t forget that you can also contact me if you’re unsure about what consulting can do for you, and I can answer any questions or concerns you might have!). I’ll ask you to answer a few questions about your availability, session goals, and if you want me to read anything before we chat. If you don’t have anything finished yet don’t worry, that space is just if you want edits!

2) Receive a quote

Based on the information you provide me, I’ll give you a quote for your current project, and more information on where to make a payment. My current rate is $40 for thirty minutes, or $75 for an hour.

So, if you just want to talk through some story fixes and set new goals for two hours, your rate will be $150.

If you want me to read part of your novel, and provide edits, and then discuss them with you, I will calculate how much time reading and editing will take me and then add the time for our consultation. For example, it might take me 5 hours to read and edit and then we have a one hour consultation, bringing the total to $450.

If you’d like to have weekly check-ins for a month that are half an hour each, your total would be $150.

I’m happy to offer simple payment options such as paypal or bank transfers, and we can also discuss payment plans.

3) Confirmation

If you agree to the quote you receive from me, you can make your first payment, we will schedule the consultation, and you can send me the work that you would like for me to read beforehand.

4) Consultation

We can chat for an hour or two in order to help you get through your current blocks. Or, we can set up weekly meetings for a month so that you have someone holding you accountable for your goals. I can also read your work and then we can discuss it together!

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